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NES 2008 - Ergonomics is a lifestyle
11. - 13. August 2008


40th Annual Conference of the Nordic Ergonomics Society

Ergonomics is a lifestyle is the theme of the conference.  Facing the globalisation and fast changing technology in our everyday lives, we are challanged to solve problems and often at the same time, faced with new.
At the conference we want to emphasize the importance of the balance of all the factors that affect us in our everyday live and how important it is to have the ergonomical approch to all design; in the field of mental, organisational, social, physical and technical ergonomics.

Ergonomics is a multidisciplinary field. We are happy to welcome practioners and researchers from 20 different countries to NES 2008 to discuss the latest ergonomical issues and learn about their results from researches and practice. We are looking forward to discussing how we can design healthy ergonomical lifestyle based on the knowledge from the different fields of Ergonomics.


Adresse: Reyklavik, Iceland, ,>
Organisator: Nordic Ergonomics Society, NES



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