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09 Nov. 2009, Brussels, Hamburg, Vienna
VECTOR final conference
KOHS technology for very mobile applications for health

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On May 13, 2009 in Brussels an afternoon conference has taken place within the framework of the finalisation of the EU-project VECTOR (Visualisation of the Exposure of cyclists to Traffic emissions on Roads: A varied audience of scientists, students, policy-makers and NGO’s was invited to this conference. The theme of the conference was, in parallel to the theme of the VECTOR-project itself: 'urban air quality' (more specifically, fine particles), its potential impact on citizens’ health, and opportunities to reduce citizens' exposure.

On the conference the results of measurements of the personal exposure of cyclists to harmful traffic-related fine particles in 4 European cities - as performed in the VECTOR project - have been presented and discussed. The measurements were carried out with a special 'measuring bicycle', and the measured particle concentrations have been combined with video-recordings (PIMEX). This has provided instructive videoclips, that clearly demonstrate which traffic situations are.

In a panel discussion, results have been discussed as well as some of the recommendations that the project has produced, and which may support: - citizens (cyclists) that would like to reduce their personal exposure to fine particles; - local and national policy-makers that need information on 'good practices' related to reducing the impact of exposure to fine particles to their citizens.

The conference was organised parallel to a large international conference on ‘cycling promotion’, Vélo-city 2009, at which about 1000 participants were present ( Access to the VECTOR conference was free of charge. Besides, the participants received the VECTOR-DVD that contains videoclips of the measurements - ‘real-time visualisations’ of cyclists’ exposure to fine particles – as well as an explanatory film.

The PIMEX observations have been performed by using the kohs.PIMEX.system.

further information on mobile PIMEX applications:

visualizing health parameters in urban situation Radeln durch die Großstadt mit PIMEX (german)

VECTOR measurements in Budapest, Hungary

Quelle: KOHS, VECTOR project

Autor: Harald Kviecien; Copyright: KOHS; Publiziert von: Harald Kviecien (kviecien)
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