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23 Nov. 2009, Vienna
HERIVIS: measurement of respirable crystalline silica using PIMEX
transport the message of how to develop healthy workplaces

PIMEX visualisation of respirable crystalline silica dust

When talking about the health effect of crystallin silica (quartz, cristobalite, tridymite) the main concern is the respirable dust fraction (RD). The inhalation of fine dust containing crystalline silica can cause silicosis. So the national occupational exposure limits apply to the respirable dust fraction. Furthermore other health effects are discussed and researched by science.

Crystalline silica is found, in form of mineral quartz, in many materials and the dust that is breathed in at work usually is a mixture of silica and other substances.

Beside the classic instruments and analysing methods (sampling on-site and analysing in lab) nowadays also direct reading devices for aerosols / dust are available. These direct reading instruments are used for PIMEX measurements.

PIMEX: developing healthy workplaces

One of the base ideas of PIMEX was to transport the message of how to develop healthy workplaces. PIMEX is a highly potential tool for creating, storing and disseminating information and knowledge about safety and health aspects.

The KOHS developed a framework for a comprehensive analysis of working systems using the PIMEX method and pointed out how high quality PIMEX measurements and the risk assessment of a working system is communicated in an appropriate form. The resulting communication possibilities based on the visualization of health hazards provide a basis for the implementation of the realizable improvements, and support the establishment of an integrated safety and health management.

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