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28 Okt. 2004, Greece, Germany, Austria
PimexPro project online
dissemination of a modern method in workplace improvement
Logo PimexPro - 172694.1

The project PimexPro is online at the PIMEX platform (english and german). The aim of the project is the dissemination of the Pimex-method for reducing risks of hazardous substances in greek and german companies. Read more about the The PimexPro Project.

PIMEX network partners and members can discuss the results at: .
Quelle: Kooperationsstelle Hamburg, KOHS

Autor: Johanna Fuchs; Copyright: KOHS; Publiziert von: Johanna Fuchs (fuchs_j)
factID: 173384.1; Publiziert am 28 Okt. 2004 13:03