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16th World Congress on Ergonomics - IEA 2006
10. - 14. Juli 2006


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The congress 'Meeting Diversity in Ergonomics' is organized on behalf of the International Ergonomics Association by the Dutch Ergonomics Society, in collaboration with the Belgian and German Ergonomics Societies and the Federation of European Ergonomics Societies.

Main focus
  • Physical workload, mental workload, environmental factors, organizational design and management (ODAM), etc.

  • Area of application, such as: manufacturing, process industry, office, rehabilitation, hospital, agriculture, the built environment

  • Cultural differences worldwide: modern industrial countries versus industrially developing countries
More than 1500 participants present more than 1000 papers (20 keynotes, 30 interactive workshops). Themes with many sessions are health care ergonomics, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, organizational design and management, applied ergonomics in design, building and construction, vehicle ergonomics, smart transport, aging, ergonomics in schools/for children, virtual reality and human computer interaction. A new topic is Ergonomics Quality In Design, an initiative of the IEA towards a standardized certification for design processes.

At the IEA 2006 KOHS presents the following contribution:

Visualizing work-related strains and exposures as a basis for participative working-system analysis
R. Kauer, H. Kviecien, M. Wichtl

From an ergonomic perspective the knowledge about strains and exposures proves to be essential in order to accurately characterize labor situations. The priority objective of any ergonomic intervention - achieving an optimal design of the system composed of worker, work equipment, workplace, work environment, and work flow - is significantly influenced by the quality of the system analysis that necessarily contains a description of strains and exposures (working system analysis). The contribution at hand details a framework for a comprehensive analysis of working systems with a basic involvement of workers in the analysis process. We show how the quality regarding measurement and appraisement of strain and exposure parameters is increased and how the risk assessment of a working system is communicated in an appropriate form. The resulting communication possibilities based on the visualization of health hazards provide a basis for the implementation of the realizable improvements, and support the establishment of an integrated safety and health management. The implementation of a framework for working system analyses is explained considering as example exposure to thermal radiation in the metal working industry.

Live at the IEA 2006

René Kauer, who presents this contribution at the congress will find out and report the international trends in ergonomics discussed at the IEA. Here you can get in dialouge with him live: IEA 2006 discussion.

Link to IEA 2006:

Topics at the IEA 2006


Adresse: Maastricht, the Netherlands, Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Center (MECC)>
Organisator: International Ergonomics Association



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