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OHA Health Achieve 2006
6. - 8. November 2006


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The International Best Practices Poster Displays offers hospitals and health care institutions from across Canada and abroad the opportunity to share best practices. The theme is "Inspiring Ideas and Innovation", extending across all aspects of health care and touching research, integration, technology, and partnerships.

At the OHA Health Achieve 2006 KOHS presents the following contribution:

Health Promotion in Hospitals by Visualizing Workplace Exposures Using the PIMEX Method
Authors: R.Kauer, H. Kviecien

The occupational situation of medical personnel is characterized by excessive physical and psychosocial work load. Health hazards stem from exposures due to irregular working time, psychological strains due to work with disabled, critically ill and dying patients, danger of infection, and physical work load amongst others. In this contribution we introduce the PIMEX (PIcture-Mix-EXposure) method to address some of the above-mentioned aspects based on the key concept of visualization. A work sequence is filmed by video camera and simultaneously exposures as well as physiological information are recorded via direct reading instruments. The approach enables analyses of working processes and an assessment of risks, resulting in a package of measures for the purpose of workplace improvement and risk optimization. PIMEX - that is also known as video exposure monitoring - has been applied in order to investigate work postures, lighting, noise, exposure to dust and other hazardous substances (anesthetic gas in operating rooms, aerosols, etc.), and parameters that serve as individual stress indicators (such as heart rate, heart rate variability, or breathing rate). A priority objective is to increase employees’ awareness of health hazards by imparting knowledge about interrelations between occupational strains, exposures and their consequences on health. By means of an example the steps of a PIMEX intervention are illustrated, including the involvement of at-risk personnel in the analysis process, testing of alternatives, changes in work behavior and their implications as well as achieved improvements. In addition we show how documentation features facilitate knowledge structuring. PIMEX is thus considered as a starting point for implementing learning and knowledge spaces in hospitals as well as in community health education.

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Adresse: Toronto, Canada, Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC), 255 Front Street West>
Organisator: Ontario Hospital Association



Autor: Rene Kauer; Copyright: KOHS; Publiziert von: Rene Kauer (Kauer_Rene)
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