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ICVL 2006 - The 1st International Conference on Virtual Learning
27. - 29. Oktober 2006


At the Lisbon European Council in March 2000, Heads of State and Government set an ambitious target for Europe to become "the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world" by 2010. They also placed education firmly at the top of the political agenda, calling for education and training systems to be adapted to meet this challenge. The Conference is structured such that it will provide a vision of European e-Learning and e-Training policies, take stock of the situation existing today and work towards developing a forward looking approach.

KOHS will present the following paper at the ICVL 2006 conference:

Organising Learning and Knowledge Spaces for Occupational Safety and Health with Visual Structure Interfaces (VSI)
Rene Kauer, Stefan Kovacs, Harald Kviecien

We introduce an approach for designing learning and knowledge spaces in respect of occupational safety and health with the aid of visual structure interfaces (VSI). The focus is on the development of strategies and components that support and improve on-the-job training concerning safety and health at the workplace as well as teaching and learning in the educational system. As a knowledge generation tool we introduce the PIMEX (PIcture-Mix-EXposure) method for visualising workplace hazards. Derived knowledge is structured by means of VSI using a simple graphical user interface. Starting from the centre of a knowledge structure associated information is connected using self-describing relations. VSI represent specific safety and health topics, are easily expandable, and provide the content for training and instruction (e.g. on the basis of e-learning units composed of thematically related VSI). Applying visual structure interfaces for safety and health issues is expected to increase employees' awareness of work-related hazards to health and facilitate the assessment of potential risks.

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Adresse: Bucharest, Romania, 14 Academiei street>
Organisator: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science