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IAPA Health & Safety Conference 2007
16. - 18. April 2007


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The Health & Safety Canada 2007 IAPA Conference and Trade Show is Canada's largest health and safety event. The theme for 2007 "Innovative Strategies for Safer and Healthier Workplaces" builds on the 2006 theme of healthy workplaces as the health and safety community comes together in one place for three days to network, share knowledge and information, and discusses strategies for applying that information into workplace results. Session streams are Healthy Workplaces, Evolving Innovations Through Research, Health and Safety Core Practices as well as Leadership and Management Breakthroughs.

KOHS will present the following contribution at the conference:

PIMEX Visualization: Innovative Risk Assessment Strategy
René Kauer, Harald Kviecien, Marcel Morscher
This session will introduce you to an innovative system for analysis and risk assessment of workplace hazards based on the visualization features of the PIMEX method. Working activities are filmed by video camera and simultaneously, data about occurring hazards (such as dust, noise, hazardous substances, heat, vibrations, etc.) as well as physiological information (such as pulse, heart rate variability, breathing rate, etc.) are recorded via direct-reading instruments. A PIMEX video continuously shows the employee at work and the corresponding exposure level. By visualizing working activities in a combination with real-time monitoring of workplace exposures occupational hygienists have means to efficiently perform comprehensive working system analyses.

In addition, KOHS will have a booth at the trade show together with our Canadian application partner ENGAGE Human Resources Solutions.

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Adresse: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building>
Organisator: IAPA (Industrial Accident Prevention Association)



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