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subproject: Analyses of vertical work with kohs.PIMEX and ECG measurements

As a part of an ergonomic research process, integrated into the HERIVIS project, PIMEX visualisations regarding risks of vertical work are performed in 2008-2009. The subject is the design of seat boards for vertical work.


The objective of the measurements with PIMEX and an scientific ECG device is to get reliable data of the heart rate of the test-person during vertical work and when sitting on different types of seat boards. Furthermore it has to be analysed if there is a change of heart rate during work.


The aquired data and information has to be structured, so that they could be reused dynamically in further analysis processes.


The results of this activity is substantial input to further work packages of HERIVIS.


KOHS project number: P2008-10387.


If you are interested in the project deliveries please contact KOHS (

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