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20 Jän. 2014, Ottawa, Vienna
older firefighters may be more resilient to heat
study compares firefighters to non-firefighters

A new study finds that older firefighters may show signs of long-term heat adaptation.


Older firefighters who are exposed to heat stress on their work could be more heat resilient over time. A study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (JOEH) found that older firefighters may be more tolerate to hot working conditions, compared to workers, who are not heat-exposed. The older firefighters, who seems to be adapted feel affected by the heat at a later time.


The study says, that although the Non-Firefighters and Firefighters demonstrate similar cardiovascular and hydration responses during moderate-to-heavy intensity exercise within each of the thermal conditions, the attenuated thermal effects between the two heat stress conditions in the Firefighters suggests a protective adaptation.

Quelle: JOEH, KOHS

Autor: Johanna Fuchs; Copyright: KOHS; Publiziert von: Johanna Fuchs (fuchs_j)
factID: 5738698.2 (...Archiv); Publiziert am 20 Jän. 2014 13:23