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13 Aug. 2014, Vienna
First draft of ISO's occupational health and safety standard available
ISO 45001 has reached "Committee Draft" stage

ISO released the first draft of ISO 45001 in July od 2014. According to ISO, this standard, based on OHSAS 18001, intends to help organizations “ensure the health and safety of the people who work for them”.


While the overall aim of the standard remains the same as of OHSAS 18001, there are several further new developments within ISO 45001.


In the new standard an organization has to take into account what the society expects of it regarding safety and health. Organizations have to think about contractors and suppliers and also interactions of their work with the surrounding area.


The top management and leadership aspect regarding safety and health will also be focused on. Here ISO 45001 follows the occupational health promotion trends.


The final publication is been expected for late 2016.

Quelle: KOHS, ISO

Autor: Harald Kviecien; Copyright: KOHS; Publiziert von: Harald Kviecien (kviecien)
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